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  • 27/09/2019 - suzannedesign 8 Comments
    Good-Bye BARBIE

    This Could Be Good-Bye BARBIE


    I hold onto things which are very difficult for me to throw away or sell. I suppose many of you are the same way. Especially if it was given to me by a family member. It does not matter that I will never use it or that it is in a drawer and cannot be seen on a daily basis. I think I find it a warm and loving feeling. Also, when I see the objects that are from loved ones no longer with me, it is like a visit with them and it is a warm feeling. So it brings me to talk about my Barbie doll. Yes, I still have my Barbie. She would have been in perfect condition but someone let my dear niece play with her so she has lost some of her clothes and her right hand is missing the end of her thumb and forefinger. She is worst than Cinderella because she has lost both shoes. The box, bathing suit, and stand are gone. My parents gave her to me for Christmas and both my sisters got them as well. The neighborhood girls received them and we all would play with them. Bobby Rydell was a popular singer then and we would set up apartments layouts with objects to divide rooms. I remember we had a 45 record of Rydell and the cover was his picture and we used that as wallpaper in one of the make-believe rooms. I suppose you say that my designs skills were starting to bloom. One of the neighbor girls also had a Ken so we would pretend to have a date with him. I hope someone will read and remember those days with my sisters and myself. I had saved it for possibly a granddaughter but had none so at 72 think maybe I need to sell it. If someone is interested let me hear from you. I can send more pictures if needed. On the back of Barbie is:

    36 Pate Pend


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  • 15/08/2018 - Suzanne Grable 1 Comment
    Gift Boxes

    We all like surprises and Suzanne Designs is happy to offer a monthly surprise box with objects of delight so beautifully wrapped. You can give as a gift to someone or keep for yourself,. As it is a surprise, I cannot tell you what it contains but will pertain to design for your home or yourself. Please choose male or female and $125 or $175. To order go to the website:


    Do not forget "Design in a Box and Tea with Me," Where you get a designer’s touch without ever having a designer in your home. One of the many services offered by Suzanne Designs. 859-621-1216/

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  • 03/04/2018 - Suzanne Grable 8 Comments
    What you can expect from Suzanne Designs

    A Story Book for You and Your Family


    A door opens and you walk in and after looking at the entire house you make that important decision to buy the house or is it walking on a piece of land with those special house plans and deciding the location to place that dream house. So what can you expect from S.Designs? First it will be your home and not just a house. It will be one that makes you and the family whatever the ages feel comfortable, warm and still be elegant. It will be where you want to come at the end of everyday or stay all day. It will be the home, the children will want to return to for so many wonderful reasons, memories and holidays they will always cherish. Do not wait call Suzanne Designs so you can make you family’s story for years to come. A personal experience with Suzanne, one you will not forget because she always keeps your best interest in the design.

    Ideas for the fifth wall the ceiling:  It adds a new perspective to the room.

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  • 06/12/2017 - Suzanne Grable 0 Comments
    The HGTV Effect – Are They Setting Unrealistic Home Staging Examples?

    The effects of HGTV are real. The Model Home Mentality set by HGTV may be a good idea for bringing this industry into limelight, but are these transformations real? Are they applicable and doable in the real life?

    While we all love watching these home staging shows, it is important to understand that it is the professionals who do this job the best. You will not be able to handle all the staging on your own. Let’s dig into the HGTV effect on our daily lives.

    It is Somewhat Unrealistic

    When it comes to HGTV, they have an unlimited budget and a team of trained professionals and they try to convince the general public that they will be able to stage their homes themselves if they watch their shows. It is not true and in many cases not possible. This is not something that anybody and everybody can do. This area needs expertise and you need professionals to do the job just as there are trained professionals in these shows.

    The Products They Use do not Cost them a Penny

    When it comes to the furniture, curtains, carpets, rugs on any other such item, they get it for almost nothing because of the free advertising they are giving these shops. And then they send a team of professionals to auctions and flea markets to find the perfect things for the home. This is not possible in real life because not all of us have the time and money to indulge in it.

    They Have Professionals for Everything

    When we say everything, we literally mean everything. They tell you that the fixes are inexpensive and simple, but they have a team of professional carpenters, contractors, craftsmen, lighting technicians and landscapers at their disposal. For an average homeowner, these are unrealistic projects. Not everyone is a master in everything mentioned above and also not everyone has the money it takes to hire all these professionals to these tasks for them.

    They Don’t Factor in the Labor Cost

    When it comes to home staging, you need to pay a lot of people a lot of money. If the HGTV people tell you they staged the house under $2000, they are not considering the labor cost that you have to pay to the clean-up crew, the painters, the contractors and the paid staff. Thus, these transformations in the budget they claim are pretty unrealistic.

    It is important to keep in mind that these staging shows can be used to generate ideas and work them around your way, but simply watching these shows does not make you qualified enough to do the job professionals can do. Thus, get help of professionals. Discuss with them your budget when it comes to home staging and work your way accordingly.

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  • 06/12/2017 - Suzanne Grable 2 Comments
    Stay Current with these Carpet Trends

    When it comes to updating your floors, you need to pay as much attention to them as any other part of the house. You need to stay current and not make an outdated choice. When it comes to the latest carpet trends, it is nothing like anything we have seen before. From hard surfaces to soft flooring, things have changed tremendously.

    If you are planning to change your carpet to give your place a new look, here are some of the current trends you can choose from and keep your flooring game strong.


    Cut & Loop Carpet is Back in Fashion

    You may have seen these carpets in movies from the 70’s. A cut and loop carpet is the one that has an amalgamation of both cuts and loops. These carpets offer plenty of texture and pattern options and the trend is pretty hot right now. Just as history repeats itself, trends tend to run the same way. Consider this trend is you are revamping your carpeting.


    Bold Colors are Making a Comeback

    If you want to use carpets to make a statement of your exquisite taste, go for bold colors. Carpets usually don’t make the whole flooring these days, thus you have plenty of options to play around with bold colors. From oranges to purples and reds, you can choose any color, just make sure it complements the rest of the interior.


    Neutral Colors Are Always in Fashion

    When it comes to carpets, neutral colors never go out of fashion. Carpets in neutral colors match the tone and colors of hard flooring. They are also preferred because they give a blank canvas that you can use to decorate the entire interior of the place. You can give emphasis to other things and make them statement pieces while using the neutral color carpets as a background.


    Soft Carpets Are the Best

    The softness of carpets is what has been its USP for ages. Carpets should be soft and plush and it was a sad time when people stopped using these carpets. This ultra-softness of carpets is what makes them different from hard floors. Soft carpets are the most comfortable and coziest option when it comes to carpets and they are in trend again.


    Ribbed Carpets are Going Out

    We saw a lot of ribbed carpets in homes and businesses in the past few years but the trend is slowly giving away. Ribbed carpets have a very formal look and they will continue being a part of the offices but when it comes to homes, they will slowly lose their presence because of the business type look and feel they have.


    These were some of the latest carpet design, color and texture trends that are in these days. If you are planning to revamp the carpeting in your place, keep these trends in mind to stay current and up-to-date.

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  • 06/12/2017 - Suzanne Grable 4 Comments
    Pop Some Color in Your House with these Latest Color Trends

    While this year is almost close to a finish, it has given us some of the most innovative and interesting design trends which were not seen for a long time. Color is certainly one of the most eye-opening trends followed this year. From warmer tones to accent hues and neutrals, a number of color trends have been a part of this year’s home designing and these are expected to continue for the coming year. Here are some of the latest color trends for your house which will make it stand out from the others.


    Neutral Palettes

    The neutrals in 2017 have become much warmer and it is expected that the same trend will continue in the coming year. From browns to beiges and creams, the warm neutrals are going to be spotted everywhere in the coming year, as is the case in the present year.


    Tropical Greens

    The color of the present year when it comes to home interior and décor, it definitely has to be green. Pantone is the shade of green which is most commonly found this year in houses. The tropical versions of green have become the favorite for this year. From statement green furniture to palm tree patterns, green is the go-to choice for the people who want to keep it minimalistic yet trendy as it is the color choice for the year 2017-18.


    Color Clashing

    The year has seen two extremes when it comes to colors. Either they are warm neutral tones or it is all bold and bright, no in between. The clash of colors, textures and patterns has been a top color trend for this year. Playing with bold and bright colors is no more a problem. The bolder it is the better. If you want to make a statement the coming year with a brand-new color of the house, go play with all things bright, textured and patterned and you will be good.


    Ditch Those Blacks

    While black matte was a common and much liked color in 2016, people seem to have seem too much of it. Time to ditch those blacks and the trend is changing. From kitchen appliances to paint and furniture, don’t get too much of black in the house, rather go with warm neutral tones or go all out with bright and bold colors.


    Paint it Blue to Save Money

    While you can try playing with other colors, if you are looking for a cost-effective painting solution, blue is the thing. And, the houses painted blue are sold for more than the others. That makes it a great color to add, not only to your house, but also to the pocket.

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  • 06/12/2017 - Suzanne Grable 15 Comments
    Furniture Trends – What’s in and What’s Out

    ​​Copper Furniture is Out

    Copper seems to have stayed with us for far too long and it is time to bid farewell to it. No, we are not talking about the real copper fixtures, they are going to be in style always. However, it is time to get rid of that overly shiny copper furniture that looks fake at the first glance. Brass is In


    Classic aged brass is the preferred choice of metal these days when it comes to furniture. You need to make sure it is incorporated into your furniture in an overt way. A beautiful brass frame on the windows or the outline of your furniture in brass would do. However, you need to make sure you don’t overdo it.


    All White Interiors are Out

    If you are one of those people who always crave more colors, then you are in luck. All white interiors have gone out of fashion these days. People are moving away from things all white and gray and are moving towards colors, even when it comes to warm neutral tones. When choosing furniture for your home, make sure you don’t pick something that is all white or grey. Add some warm embracing tones like blush, green, beige, or creams to work your interior well.


    Dark Green is In

    If you want to keep up with the current trends when it comes to the interior of your house, try the color green. Green is not only the most in color when it comes to paint, but also works great with furniture. You can go for anything green, from the kitchen cabinets to the cushion of chairs and sofas. Combine the green with a little leather, natural wood and the color will stand out making your interior perfect.


    Generic Furniture is Out

    Gone are the times when you could buy a single colored and designed piece of furniture and make it work all over the house. The bland furniture sets are out of fashion these days. When shopping for furniture, instead of buying a complete set, try mixing and matching with the colors and you will end up having a one of a kind look with a number of elements in the same place at the same time.


    Bone Inlay is In

    Furniture that incorporates hand-cut, fine, inlaid bone structure is the in thing these days. From intricate dressers to chairs and tables, go for the wood furniture with a delicate structure and look. Don’t buy furniture that has a too heavy or fuller look.


    Follow these trends when it comes to buying furniture for your house. With the knowledge of what is in and what is out, you will be able to create a spectacular vision of your house.

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  • 09/11/2017 - Suzanne Grable 9 Comments
    Debunking Some Common Home Decorating Myths

    When it comes to decorating your home, the task may not be as simple as it appears to be. From the moment you start planning decorations, you are going to face a number of challenges. From choosing the right color to the right furniture and accessories to decorate the house, you will be faced with a myriad of decisions to make. And, then there are the myths surrounding home décor that make it all the more difficult. However, beware as many of these set rules are just myths and nothing more. Be a little brave and go a little different, after all, these are just myths, meant to be debunked one day or the other.


    1. Choose One Style and Paint It All Over the House

    They say, don’t experiment. Pick a single style and stick with it for every nook and cranny of the house. Well, they are very wrong. This sounds boring just by the thought of it. When it comes to modern interior design and décor, mix and match is the new world order. You are at complete liberty to choose different styles for different corners of the house. Take inspiration from different cultures, play with colors and designs and be casual, formal or both to create an eclectic look for your house.


    2. A Single Metallic Tone for One Room – Always

    When it comes to metallic tones, people tend to stick to one color most of the time. It is either gold, or silver or platinum. The myth can be busted easily if you go on and take a look around at one of the faucet displays in a home improvement center near your house. You will be amazed to see how beautiful and complementing different metallic tones look with each other. Not only can you play with golds and silver, but brushed nickel goes equally well too.


    3. Books Belong with the Bookshelves

    No NoNo! Books can be used in a variety of ways other than just stacking them in the bookshelf the old way. You can use books to elevate your lamps, the plants or in the bookshelf with decorative items. And, instead of just making them stand next to one another, you can play with their symmetry a little, let some stand and others lay flat, mix and match the colors and covers and so on. There is no one stopping you.


    4. Be Symmetrical – It’s the Key

    It might have been true if you were still living in the 20th century but for the present, asymmetry is the king. There is no need to match the furnishings, colors, angles or making sure that the left side of the room matches the right side. It’s all about being creative, different and unique and you can attain it any way you want. No need to put it all in one line.

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  • 27/10/2017 - Suzanne Grable 166 Comments
    October Decorating

    Decorating over the years for my own house as well as for those on going clients that have stayed true blue to me is a process likened to a face with character, if you will a face of years.
    It is a gathering of ideas that you or your designer like. Things that are candy to the eye. Objects from those you love. Cherished gifts and even those we do not particularly care for add to our design scheme.The colors we choose play a part in how we feel and act. So it is important to like the colors that surround us on a regular basis. Over the years a house designed is like a face of time with some wrinkles and some twinkles. A house that makes you smile is a house that is designed with you in mind. What better place to be on any day with family, friends or in my case the world’s greatest GSP, "My Hunter!" Hopefully our nest brings to us comfort, warmth and to our friends a grand welcome.

    Pumpkin Challenge


    Hey guys and gals, Hunter here. This ugly spooky pumpkin is back and needs a name. The winner will receive a Christmas wreath. Fill this form out:


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  • 11/10/2017 - Suzanne Grable 6 Comments
    Let’s Talk

    I invite you to ask questions about color, furniture, flooring, fabrics and this includes any and all things you might want or need to know about designing for your home. The first 5 people to send pictures of furniture, the room, measurements of the room and anything that you want in that room will get a layout of the room free. Will be looking for your inquiries. Have the best day.


    Contact me via this form:



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  • 11/10/2017 - Suzanne Grable 0 Comments
    Christmas Whimsy

    Tis almost the Christmas season and a reminder to schedule your decorating service soon for all your Christmas designs.
    Sometimes I like a little topsy turvy look which provides a bit of whimsy. I like the perfect look as well but with all the gold, the whimsy still looks perfect and elegant, don’t you think?
    Suzanne Designs @ 3 Roomers 859-621-1216


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  • 14/06/2017 - Suzanne Grable 11 Comments
    Decorating With A Challenge

    Decorating With A Challenge


    Do I like a challenge with my designing or do I like it easy?  I prefer a challenge of course.  Sometimes a room doesn’t  flow with anything else in the house and sometimes there is just a dissonance within the room. The client only wants you to add a piece of furniture or window treatments.  Having to choose something for a room to create the best design to coordinate with the rooms next to it and to do as little as possible to hide the outdated and possibly "the ugly." Sometimes the dated colors are difficult to work with unless you can change the entire room.   So let me tell you about the, "dreaded kitchen!"  Property owner decided to sell the house and wanted to do upgrades on the kitchen and master bathroom spending the least amount of money possible.  We could not paint the cabinets, change the flooring, or change the countertops in the kitchen.  The walls needed new paint, the cabinets really needed to be replaced or painted and the counter tops definitely needed a change. I could only have the kitchen painted.  I give you my assignment and set the stage for the change.  Like I said, with the least amount of money spent.  It is my job to make what has never worked, in my opinion, look better and make a buyer like the house well enough to purchase it.  Today we are so influenced by the HGTV and what they say and do that it is now the norm to spend a fortune on the house you want to sell.  At the very least, the public has been made to think this and now the realtors want you to update as much as possible.  It is true that a lot of people cannot see changing paint or knocking a wall and other changes that would make the house the one they want. But really do we need to make and pay for all the changes we think a buyer might want? Why not leave it to the new owner?  Sometime it is an easy fix and this is where a contractor or a designer could assist you when trying to purchase a house.  I am not saying the seller should not do any renovating but do not go overboard.  I digress and need to get back to the project at hand.  

    The kitchen is very large and includes the breakfast room that juts out with windows on all three sides and a set of French doors.  Breakfast room over  looks the golf course and body of  water, a lovely view.  Now to make the inside a lovely view.  The walls are painted a maroon, cabinets are cream, mauve corian countertops, oven is black glass, refrigerator and dishwasher with matching cabinets fronts and black glass stove top.  All of these original when house was built around 20 years ago, needless to say outdated.  It is my job to make the kitchen and master bath look better.  I have seen this kitchen for 16 years and every time I wish I could redo it completely for so many reasons. Reason number one,  maroon and mauve not my favorite colors!  But even though I do not like all colors it should never stop my creation of a better design.  The floor tile had a natural stone look to it but absorbed the color from the wall and that gave it a fleshy tone with some gray. I think the gray leans more to being coupled with white but again I must work with what I have.  Besides the wall color and the countertops being outdated you are locked into what you can and cannot change.  I kept looking at this job as being a huge undertaking because I was not seeing this project in the right way.   I would go study the wall with my paint charts and think I had figured it out and then start all over again.  I did the same with fabrics until I thought I was going nuts.  I talked to a fellow designer and shared pictures of the kitchen.  He worked on it and then gave me his ideas but though I liked it, they were too contemporary for the client and the rest of the house.  Back to choosing the paint chips. I usually can see the new design in a very short while but again I say this room has always bothered me.  You could use the flooring in another setting and it could look beautiful.  It is the combination of all the different colors and worn out look that was not working.  My rambling is worse than listening to a long drawn out story that will never stop.  My intentions are to share how difficult it is sometimes.  Now, the challenge is somewhat greater because one is limited to what and how much we can do.  Below you will find the before and after of the master bath and kitchen.

    The Master bath started out with this border and a tan color on the wall much too brown for the border.   We took the wallpaper border off and using an off white from Benjamin Moore, painted the walls.  Removed the old framed glass surrounding the shower and installed the beautiful frameless glass by Showcase Showers of Lexington, Ky.  I think you will see for yourself the improvements.  Small but big.


    It was only the paint that changed in the kitchen
    but it was the new fabric on the bar stools that brought
    all the colors together to make them work.
    At last, at last the maroon is gone!!


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  • 16/02/2017 - Suzanne Grable 4 Comments
    Table of Many Colors

    Table of Many Colors

    The Table of Many Colors was painted and stained to show different techniques. Then I thought, it actually created a pretty table. 
    Will put a top on it made of cherry. Please write and tell me what do you think?



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  • 13/01/2017 - Suzanne Grable 4 Comments
    Designers Do What

    When I make my clients happy then I am happy as well. I know there are people that would love to have a room in their house completely redone. Maybe you feel that you cannot afford it. But how uncomfortable does that room make you feel. If it is a room that you try to relax in then you probably are not getting much rest. If choosing colors is something you need help with then call a designer. Get that help, change that room and your life. Maybe you need help choosing a piece of furniture, hire a designer for the day or a couple of hours to go shopping with you. There are many ways a designer can help you in your home so call and find out exactly what we will do for you. I say get that inspiration, move forward on design. In doing so I know you will get that needed rest and a design you like. It is always such a pleasure to help change a client’s life for what they think is better. It is not only the designer that makes it better but the clients have the important part of relating what they want to achieve in the newly designed space. Of course this is if you want to be a part of the design process. There are those that want the designer to do it their way. I love working with people and it has brought me some of my best and long time friends. So on that note, I say please know it is important to be able to work well and feel comfortable with the designer.

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  • 21/11/2016 - Suzanne Grable 3 Comments
    @ 3 ROOMERS Time to Decorate Again

    Shopping @

    Visit Suzanne Designs for your shopping needs. Greeting cards, Gifts of all kinds. Remember that a portion of all proceeds goes to the Wounded Warriors. If you need Christmas decorating for your home please call soon.

    I would like to know of a wounded warrior in Lexington, Ky. that I can surprise with a little Christmas design to show my gratitude. If you know someone please send me an email to their name, address, and phone number. You have until Dec. 6 to get the names in and then there will be a drawing. Merry Christmas. 859-621-1216

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  • 08/09/2016 - Suzanne Grable 0 Comments
    RSVP @ 3 Roomers

    I have not written anything for sometime "@ 3 Roomers" but thought it necessary to address this particular subject. So I ask you, "What do you do when you receive an invitation and it has RSVP?  Do you ignore it? Do you know what it means,? Do you think it only pertains to someone else? If you do not know do you try to find out the meaning? I certainly am not criticizing the ones that do not know but definitely I criticize those not finding out what it means. I am criticizing the people that completely ignore the RSVP. I am sure there is someone you can ask and yes, most of us have computers or smart phones and could google to get the meaning. It is so important to the host/hostess that is inviting you to an event whether it be a wedding, party, or another event. The host/hostess doing the inviting is responsible for having the right amount of food, drink, seating, tables, favors, and anything else that is being bought or rented for the occasion. It is definitely your responsibility to respond to this invitation. So I say shame on you for not being a responsible person. I recently attended a wedding and the bride told me that out of 150 invitations that were sent only 50 RSVP’d. How sad, that is more than half that did not know, bother or care. I hope you know what "SAD" means because that is how I describe this situation.

    It is true that the letters RSVP are from a French phrase "respondez, s’il vous plait," which means "please reply" or if my French is correct I think the true translation is respond if you please. So by doing the reply you are helping the host/hostess with many different things that it takes to have the event. I know that some people of today do not think it important to use manners because they are, to some, "a thing of the past." Having taught etiquette of course I think not. What I have found in teaching students in elementary, high school, or alternative schools is, the students are so eager to learn these manners and way of life. I think it is because it commands respect for each other and they see that each of them are gaining from these manners. A lot of us as adults of yesterday have given up on teaching these rules of etiquette and they are being lost. I blame the loss of etiquette and manners as being part of the downfall of society. We already see that people do not respect the country, the flag and each other. So let us take a look at what we need to know and make an effort to teach the young because they are just waiting to hear from us even when they complain they still like you taking time to care.

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  • 04/05/2016 - Suzanne Grable 0 Comments
    Do you hide your china and silver

    Do you have your china, silver, and the best of everything all packed and tucked away? That is so very nice to hide it so not one will ever see it and you do not see it either. So I say, "Why do you have it or keep it if you do not use it?" I learned from my grandmothers and great aunt to use it every single day. The reasons are not just because you have it or you should show it off but it makes you feel good to use it and see it. Any and all that dine at the table will enjoy as well. Make everyday feel special as we need to slow down to relish life and all good things. It does not always have to be china, silver or even something inexpensive but precious, old or a gift. Mason jars can be a lovely vessel for flowers and three in a row make a wonderful table arrangement as do pretty bottles. A table cloth and cloth napkins makes for a special time. People use to have nothing but cloth napkins and now everyone is so use to paper. Cloth napkins add that special touch. Use old linens that were past down from you mom or grandmother. If none were past down then buy them at an antique store or on line to get that special touch. Now you can add that special bit of love to your table, bathroom vanity, or wherever. It will give you feeling that they are with you in spirit and bring some great memories of cherished days gone by.

    One of my very best friends of days gone by was Mary Jean Brannon who past away from breast cancer. We had so much in common and we loved to be sharing our thoughts and time together. One sweet thing we shared was "sweet things" and our delivery of how we would partake of these delights. We would make a time to celebrate at the spur of the moment with coffee or tea and then add that special little sweet delicacy even if it was not homemade. We would get the china, table cloth and maybe set it at a table in the living room wherever it made us feel good. Mary’s breast cancer came back after many years. Her friends planned a good bye party for her at her house with the best food from all of us. We hired a harpist to play music. We talked, laugh and told stories that made it a most memorable and precious time that we will never forget. Today on the car in front of me the plate read, "A Harpist," and immediately Mary’s day came to mind. It was a sad day but a most happy day. It was my tea time with Mary that started my tea parties with my grandchildren. What a delight that has been. Make your days special and thank God for every minute. 

    So I say to you, do not put everything away to be left to your children or grandchildren. Young people today do not always want what is special to us. But if they see us use it and see how we treat it, then maybe they will want to inherit our treasures and that will make many to come in the future happy and then their memories are created. Things on earth are superficial but when they belong to our loved ones it leads us to think of good things, loved ones and love leads us to God.



    1.  A silver tray, as stated above, dresses up any space. Use it to hold a collection of articles.
    2. A decorative flower pot, silver or brass container to hold several rolls of toilette tissue so it is at your guest’s fingertips.
    3. A framed mirror is a fabulous addition over an unframed mirror glued to the wall. If it is a large mirror over two basins add two of the same kind of mirrors. Leave a border of the mirror attached to the wall around the framed mirrors. This takes the bathroom to another level. 
    4. A small chandelier is a great addition.
    5.  A lovely smelling room refresher and a bottle of perfume sitting on the silver tray.
    6.  The disposable monogrammed guest towels are a great addition if you do not have the finger linen towels.
    7. A basket of goodies in all the bathrooms for guest or if you find yourself short on something look in the basket. Items for the basket are small/sample size tooth paste, deodorant, extra tooth brushes, razors, all of the necessary items that you or a guest might need.
    8. If you have need for a plunger in the bathroom and no where to hide it then dress it up by spraying the handle gold and put a matching tassel at the handle top.


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  • 29/03/2016 - Suzanne Grable 0 Comments
    Redecorating this Season

    With A Turn of the Chair


    To make the office appear larger and use all available space the closet was opened, shelves and desk added. This allowed for the doctor to view slides on his microscope and turn his chair around to use the desk. Under the desk in the work space now had room to place the refrigerator. All activity could take place with only a turn of the chair.


    To improve on the looks and to give a little island flare plantation shutters were attached on each side of the window. Because the window was high and short a pair of shutters below were attached to give the effect that the window was larger.


    Trompe l"oeil was used on the walls for lack of space to set a plant. This gives that necessary green I think is needed and somewhat 3 dimensional.


    Sometimes we make color choices without our knowing why and that goes for me as well. Entering a room we take in more than we know. Accessories for instance setting on a table can be something that we see without really looking directly at it. A color in that object can end up being the color we put on the wall. When you think about it, you chose it, or maybe someone that knew you like that color chose it. But the object that does not take center stage can still be the award winning color chosen for the walls and other decorating in your house. Below you see these four objects and the color of the walls (is a yellow green) which matches colors int all of these objects. However, none of these things were really used in choosing Benjamin Moore – Beacon Hill Damask. It just adds so much to a room when this happens and it makes 


    us all happy because it has an effect on our whole mood. Do not be "The Beige Person." Explore the world of color let it happen or just hire a designer to help you choose your colors. That is the easiest way to spruce up the look. Benjamin Moore is the only paint I use.

    Miscellaneous Highlighting great moments:

    Vern Yip (Designer of HGTV) and me.


    If you are looking at your house and thinking and wishing that you could redo your living room, bedroom, bathroom or the deck furniture. Maybe you just want to change the color of the walls, or arrange the furniture differently and you feel lost about where to start. Could you hire a designer, would it be too expensive, what kind of help can they give on a budget and where do you start? Designers can help you with many things and in many ways and you can hire one for the day or a couple of hours whatever the project helping choose a rug, sofa, or a table. If you are doing a bathroom project and you need advice but the project does not require anymore than choosing the right fixtures and you are not sure what looks best. Call a designer and get the needed help. I think you will find that a designer can sometimes help you save money by not making the mistake of choosing something you later decide that you do not like and then you spend money to change again. In that way it is cost effective and you will feel better about your decision. If you are in a house or condo that you plan on staying in for a long time then feel free to use the colors you like and forget being that BLAH, vanilla or beige person. Well, of course unless you are an exciting Vanilla or Beige Person then show it off with a big splash of colorful accents. Some people have a talent of going from one room to another with different colors but you really have to know what you are doing to pull that off. For instance I would not put green, pink, yellow and purple in the same house. It looks like sprinkles and sprinkles look best on cupcakes or ice-cream. If you are in need of a post to lean on call a designer for help with the colors. All designers including myself are glad to help with this kind of design job. The designer’s fee will be worth keeping you from agonizing over your choices. Designer will provide you with pros and cons and maybe point out things you had not thought about.

    If you are going to redo the fabric for your outdoor furniture or buy new outdoor furniture be sure that you know that is resist mold and mildew. In other words make sure it is indoor/ outdoor fabrics. There are many different brands now besides Sunbrella but they all provide basically the same wonderful features of no fading, molding, or mildewing. Now the manufactures have given us fabrics that look as if they should be inside our formal living rooms. Guess what they can be and then when the sun shines in the windows it will not fade the fabric on your sofa. Even when you have the window films they still do not protect the furniture fabrics, the woods and whatever you have in your house from the sun completely. Sun does so much damage and you need to keep this in mind when you are choosing your fabrics for drapes and furniture if they are in the sun’s view. 

     Special pricing for 6 plus yards check out my website, for purchasing this fabric that is a Schumacher indoor/outdoor fabric.


    custom drapes>

    So if you think you want to make a change in your interiors call for any of these services:

    Complete Interior Design Service
    Schematic Phase to the end of project
    Choosing colors
    Custom Draperies
    Designing Furniture
    Decorating your tables luncheon, parties
    (Derby will be here before you know it)
    Wallpapering & wallpaper removal
    Overseeing Contractors so you do not have to
    Table Design/Parties

    I am sure I have left something out but ask and we will make it happen. Just remember that no job is too small. When you need help in making what may seem like a big decision to you. Happy decorating and a great SPRING!

    Suzanne Suzanne Designs

    It is spring and time to swing…. that is into change REDECORATE!


    That is all folks from the Great GSP Headquarters. Do not forget to call my mom for help with your decorating.

    Woof, woof,


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    Almost Spring



    It is getting close to one of my favorite seasons. The seasons all have their charms but spring has so much more to offer. A rebirth of so many things as you see them popping through the earth. The new green that is so brilliant and you know only He could make that color. I have always said that God’s favorite colors have to be green and blue. Green happens to be my favorite color and I have been accused of trying to put it everywhere. I do think that every room should have a little green if only a plant. Green helps to give the richness to all of the other colors. Green helps to cool the warm colors. Then there is black and it is just a piece of elegance like the "little black dress." It only has to be a lampshade, pillow or a black book laying on an end table. I know that I have mentioned the green and black thing before but I think that it a good design rule to follow. So if spring cleaning or redecorating is on your mind remember this little tip.

    I am sure that all of you have asked a friend for advice about something you wanted to do in your house. Sometimes we just need what I call a leaning post. I offer to answer any and all design questions that you might want answered send to If you have pictures send them along as well. You must hurry because this offer is only good until March 10th. Lean on me, a little gift from me to you. Good decorating and have the best day. 


    My mom wanted me to write a few words so here it goes. My name is Hunter and I AM THE MOST INTERESTING GSP IN THE WORLD! You probably thought it was C. J. just because he won at Westminster Dog Show. Really? Do you see what I am wearing? I am sporting my new red turtleneck cable knit sweater. I also have new red boots to wear outside so that I do not get mom’s floors dirty when I come back in. She loves dressing me and you know I am rather handsome in it don’t you think? I am a GSP that knows how to read his GPS. Since my mom is going to answer design questions all of you little Belles out there send me your questions. Good day.

    Woof, woof,

    Hunter (The Most Interesting GSP in the World)

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    Making Winter Feel Better

    Here we are already past half of the first month of the new year 2016. The older I get the faster it goes. Tonight it is so very cold. I will not complain because Kentucky has been blessed with warm weather all through autumn and even a couple of 50 degree days this month. How do we get through these cold and snowy days like this picture of my backyard a few years ago.  Today we do not have the ice like in the pictures but it has snowed the entire day drifting and blowing and i am wish for spring to hurry.

    Burr! This says cold definitely but sun shinning on the ice is beautiful

    What I do is bring in a couple of pieces of my decorative wrought iron outdoor furniture. Usually a chair and a table of which I place a beautiful spring bouquet or a flat container that can hold several small pots of flowers. I usually put this in the kitchen where I can sit down and read from a book when I have time to relax. The artful bouquet below was created by a great friend Greg Hofelich. As you see he put a mix of flowers and vegetables and it looks like a garden. Just brightens your inside and makes you feel good and helps to forget Ole Man Winter on the other side of the door. 

    I love to have a tea party on the spur of the moment. I will call in one of my neighbors to partake of some delicious, sweet, scrumptious delight and sip some Raspberry Zinger Tea or some other flavor. I set up a card table or use one end of the dining room table with the good china, white tablecloth and napkins. It makes us feel special while having a wonderful time. The bouquet below is in one of the standard vases that I painted red with the white polkadots and the bouquet is supposed to represent polkadots also. Actually this was a bouquet that I made for my grand daughters tea party. I always left it up to them to pick the colors for the party which they loved doing but now they think they are much too old for such delight. I say not so! Every year my husband would say it was my party for me, maybe?  Whatever, it was fun and time spent with the girls. I call it "Creating My Memories" that I will revisit in my mind when the time comes.  Remembering things that were said that were and are precious to me.

    If not a tea party, then how about a small brunch on those days that the snow is surrounding your world. Serve some strawberries, crepes and whip cream. Add a little almond

    flavoring to the whip cream. Blueberries, cantaloupe, pineapple and honeydew all made up of cheerful colors. Serve pastries such as Tea Biscuits of which I will share the recipe : 

    3 1/2 Cups of Unbleached Flour
    1 Teaspoon of Salt
    3 Teaspoons of Baking Powder
    2/3 Cup of Shortening
    1 1/2 Cups of Milk
    2 Tablespoons of Butter
    1 Cup of Brown Sugar
    1/2 Cup of Water
    Bring to a boil on stove. Remove Quickly.

     Add ingredients in the order which they are written. Mixed the shortening until it makes pieces the sizes of peas and then add the milk and mix until it comes together. Let set for five minutes put on a floured board and then knead a bit and roll out until it is about 1/4″ thick. Spread butter on the top side and sprinkle cinnamon over the buttered side. Lift the opposite side toward you and role into a log. Slice 1″ pieces. In the mean time mix ingredients for syrup bring to a boil on stove and remove immediately and pour in the buttered cake pans, spread over bottom and put the slices on the top of the syrup. Put in oven 450 and cook until biscuits are brown or 20 min. Turn the pan upside down and empty tea biscuits on a plate. Do quickly so as it will not get too hard and stick to pan.

    To turn this into a VEGAN recipe and you can please all:

    Change the shortening to vegetable or coconut shortening
    Milk to Rice Milk
    Butter to a Earth Balance

    Make the tea biscuits, get the linens & china, call your friend and sit down to enjoy the sunshine in your world while, "Ole Man Winter," stays outside.

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    Knowing How To Dress

    What Happened To Knowing How To Dress

    Obviously clothing designers no longer follow the figure of the female body to create flattering clothes. In the past we had a waistband on skirts and pants which accentuated the waist, but no longer. We have the low rise pants and skirts without a band. The figure now looks more like a triangle when wearing this style. I cannot figure how it looks better even if you are thin. Call me old fashion, even if a little fluffy a girl looks better not wearing the low rise pants and skirts. Pants that accentuate the waist are so much nicer. The blouse when worn inside shows absolutely no curves of a female body. We use to want to show our figures and compared it to an hour glass. Now what we see is a triangle with over spill what is known as the, "muffin top." Even those thin wear them so tight that it is not a well dressed look. 
    What? Black fingernail polish? ….looks like you mashed all 10 fingers or dressed for a Halloween party! Bare legs in the winter and formal events would have been unheard of twenty years ago. I do not know if the young girls started this because they thought it looked good or that they could not afford hosiery or the last pair they had was full of runs????? Believe me hosiery gives shape, outline the leg and covers blemishes. Pretty legs or not, dressing for formal affairs and especially in the winter without hosiery is an unfinished look. For me to be kind on this subject of bare legs, I would say it is tiring on the eyes. The latest in shoes is now to look like you are in bondage! Styles have always changed but the last ten years it has been for the worst. If only we were made to read the etiquette books of the past so we would know what to do, when to do and how to do. All of this includes decorating the house, how to dress, how to act and treat others, the when and where, the how and why. As Aretha says in her song, "Respect" of which most people know not and have not. People make fun of the South but those that have held on to the old ways are gracious, beautiful, and mannerly people. We can all learn and look better using some of those ways. When one dresses one’s self they should enhance and flatter their body and looks. A good rule to follow is dress in what looks best on you and stay away from the trendy. Classic clothing will last forever until it wears out.

    Suzanne’s @3 ROOMERS

    1. Always eliminate the negative.

    2. When trying to achieve harmony remember you want to accentuate the positive. Same goes for dressing ourselves.

    3. Negative things should be removed or camouflaged.

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    My Adventure

    My Adventure

    This month finds me a year older in fact my birthday is today December 13 and I do not mind at all telling you how old I am. As I told my dad once when I wished him a happy birthday he replied, "What is happy about being older?" I said, you should be glad that you got this far. So turning 69 today and looking in the mirror, I am trying to find that happiness that I told him he should have, somewhat difficult as I must admit. One of the most precious things that was ever said to me was by my granddaughter. I had taught her how to play the game of out staring one another, which she instantly became very good at playing. One day she said let’s play the eye game. She came close to me and put her finger on my cheek and said, "Suzanne you have a crack in your face." I said, "Lucy, that would be a wrinkle." She said, "That leads to a smile." Now, I ask you is that precious or not? It took away all the bad that was in what she said about a crack in my face. I must look at the wrinkles as part of being wise now. Right? I did not do anything exciting today but I plan to soon do a parachute jump from a plane…maybe!

    I have always been afraid of heights. Last year I decided for one of my son’s birthday that we would go zip lining. I have to admit that leading up to the days, I was very nervous about it but bound to do it because I had said that I would. The trial run was a bit scary because one of the women ahead of me fell backwards and lost her grip on the line. She was immediately told that it would not be a good thing for her and stayed behind. I however did good on the trial run and it was not far off the ground. Not knowing anything about zip lining, I was surprised when they said it would take two hours with each one getting higher off the ground. Sometimes I would look down and sometimes I thought it best not to look. But along with my husband and oldest son I made it through all of them and had fun doing it. My fear is not so great now and this is why I think I could do a parachute jump. I want to continue in the future to do things that I have never done.

    1. If you want harmony in a room, your furnishings should be appropriate to the style and mood you want the room to express. You want the room to make you feel comfortable.
    2. How do you decide if it is appropriate? Consider all possibilities for the area in other words define the functions.
    3. Creating harmony is akin to putting a puzzle together and making all things work.
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    Christmas Decorating

    Exquisite is all one can say.

    My opinion only but I still think it is worthy of writing about this subject of what constitutes good design in Christmas decorating. Of course if I design it then I must think it is good. Ha! When someone hires me to decorate their house I feel it is my place to give them the best design I can possibly create with what they have. I feel that it is never necessary to remove the accessories you already have occupying spaces in your rooms. It is my place to incorporate them in and to enhance Christmas design with them. One would not want to take classic leather bound books off of the library shelves to put knickknacks. It takes away from the warmth and the beauty of your home. Also, I would not remove the pillows that match the sofas and chairs to put Christmas pillows that are usually a more frivolous look. I am not trying to insult anyone but if you already have a room put together before your Christmas decorating then we only want to enhance what you have. Whether you do it yourself or hire a designer it will always look the best using these guidelines. MERRY CHRISTMAS

    Transparent laced ribbon with silver over taupe and glittery silver.

    You need not add more to such elegance.

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        I am really out of the box this time around but going to talk about the outside of the house.  What we see from the windows, what we hear,  what we imagine is going on when we are not looking.  All of these things play a part in our house and home.  When my mom was ill and not too long before she left this world, I started asking her to tell me things about when she was young. She lived in the country and she would visit her grandmothers who lived in town.  So the interiors of the two houses were so completely different due to many things and reasons.  Running water was not in most country homes at that time. Heating the houses were usually with coal or wood in a stove or fireplace. When visiting in town in an apartment building she was going to steam radiators heated the house.  "Very warm and cozy," she said.  Actually she had both maternal and paternal grandmothers living in the same apartment building on different floors and she would go back and forth as they took turns spoiling her. She said she was their favorite  of the five grandchildren.  I think both grandmothers would try to out do the other from what she told me.  One would think she needed a red dress and the other a blue to match her eyes. Whatever the case might be, she was coming out on top with two of everything.   If you read my first blog you know that I spoke of one of these great grandmothers, Ma Sims.  Ma Sims and her sister would take my mom shopping in Lexington and that was the largest town close by to Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  That was an extra special treat I think for those days, to be able to visit the department stores full of beautiful clothes and everything you could possibly want.
        But back to what she did while visiting the grandmothers and great aunt.  She played with the neighbor children, one of whom was Junior.  I told you she loved the warmth that was felt all over the homes, and at her home it was only in front of the fireplace to really get warm.  She loved to hear the ice wagon coming to deliver ice for the ice box.  Yes, how we might not realize that it was not really that long ago that we had to use an ice box for our food.  I say not that long ago but it was before I was born and my sons would say that is long ago or they would say that was, "Back in the day!"  So I guess it was  sometime  ago.  She heard the horses hooves hitting the pavement getting closer and closer as it would wake her in the mornings.  She heard all of the hustle and bustle of the small town starting a new day. On Sunday the church bells ringing and the church they attended was right across the street.  Then of course the milk man delivering milk. As she sat and told me, I could feel from her voice, tell from the smile on her face, and see in her eyes how much she had loved those times not just what was inside but what was outside. Reminiscing sometimes brings to mind the love of those that are no longer with us and the thoughts are refreshing for us to recall. What a good feeling, when we share the past.  I was picturing all of these things she was telling me. It occurred to me that what is outside is inside because we can never remove from our mind that which we have already taken in.  So we are always aware of the outside even when inside.   And I think when we leave, the inside goes with us outside.  Now my mother could not control the outside but she did not want to, because it was what she loved. If we can in anyway control our outside to be what we like then I feel it makes the home and us  inside better.  A little feng shui?  I miss my mom!  I tried to take everything from her that I could  and remember it when I want to feel close to her or when I am lonesome and just want to think about her.  She loved the  Lord, city lights, dancing, talking politics, and she believed in laughing, just because.  
        If you have control of your outside, put something beautiful there,  that you will see through the window.   When you go outside take some of the inside beauty with you to share with others.

      Write to me and tell me about what is "outside is inside," in your design life.  Ask questions concerning your design query and I will try to answer them.  Have the best day.  



    Keep what you have!  send me a picture and I will tell you how. After sanding, painting and a little gold leaf. It made a big difference.



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    Suzanne Designs: 3 Roomers

             Welcome to my first blog and I hope in the future you will find it to be educational, interesting and just fun.  I am introducing my on line business "Design In A Box & Tea With Me," which is for those that just need a helping hand or someone to lean on for advice concerning their interior design projects.  We do the leg work and research that fits your needs, style, and desires.  Then gather all of the samples, pictures, floor plan, put it a box along with a cup, some special tea and ship to you, the client.  Then we have our tea party over a scheduled phone call to get to  know you better and learn your desires for the design project. We hope for those of you that feel you need a helping hand with design that this will fulfill your needs.  Go to my website and fill out the questionnaire and choose the room you want to design.  Follow all of the instructions and soon you will get your "Design In A Box & Tea With Me."  If you prefer to call: 859-621-1216. The website also has some lovely greeting and note cards and soon to have art by John Berry and antiques from The Eagle’s Nest.  So please visit soon Suzanne Designs.of 

    Time for the beauty of Christmas


    Here we are almost that special time of year again.  We all say the same line every year, that is, we do not know how the time went by so fast!  For those of you out there that do not like decorating for Christmas or anytime of the year, Suzanne Designs is your friend in deed.  We design it, put it up, take it down and put it away.  You ENJOY IT and that is all you do.  Maybe you just want a door, mail box or the tree, no job too small.  We decorate the table for dinners, wrap presents and tie it all up in a bow.  Call us and we will schedule a decorating time and the sooner the better.  Sometimes we might need to order something special for you and that takes time so scheduling quickly is important. Christmas decorating for: residential, commercial and farms in Lexington, Louisville and surrounding areas only.  Also making custom wreaths and we ship them to you so you can have a bit of the Southern Christmas Charm from Suzanne Designs.  We want to make Christmas easy for you so call:   859-621-1216.  

    It is Christmas Eve and all through the house not a creature is decorating because Suzanne Designs already has. This definitely says Merry Christmas, don’t you think?


    Let us make your house say Merry Christmas!


    My Love of Design Came  From Where?


    (Magnolia blossoms were always on their mantle. )


     Today while talking to my son about battery jars, it occurred to me exactly where my love for design really started.  That time really goes back to my Great Great Aunt Vernetta and my Great Grandmother, Ma Sims, had a battery jar that I feel fortunate to have inherited. It was one of those things that caught my eye when I was very young. Actually before the battery jar was the three corner press that was in the living room and the fact that they let my siblings and I play with fragile items in the press at a very young age. I think that introduction to antiques was a teaching moment for them and a learning experience at a very young age for us. The fact that they did not seem to mind us playing with them is the reason that I have that memory.  I am not sure that I have been that kind of mother, aunt or grandmother probably more strict.  Back to the battery jar, it had blue and green glass balls, very small green balls and a vine that grew in it.  It set in the dry sink which was a piece of furniture that also interested me.  Vernetta owned an antique shop and I loved to go there and look at all of the things she had. I remember in my teens that I got a wrought iron chandelier for my future house  and still have it.  She designed hats and I remember my mom showing me one that she had by Vernetta. Going to their house was like going to a museum full of beautiful pieces that had been passed down from generations before.   I can not remember exactly how I ended up with the battery jar and glass balls but I do  have it and it holds a special place in my heart because I think of them.  Vernetta was always ahead of her time in a lot of ways and I admire
    d that.  Over the years she had collected a lot of things that went into the house that she built in the latter part of her life.  It had so much character, style and I loved it.  Ma Sims and Vernetta had two wing back chairs that set side by side in the living room where they would retire everyday.  Ma Sims’ daughter in law, my maternal grandmother, Mamma Dee lived upstairs in the house and she too had a lot of style whether it be how to dress or in decorating the house.  So talking about the battery jar today takes me back  to some of the earliest times that I can remember and that is even before I started decorating in the barn.  That story is on my about me page on my website.  So now you have been introduced to Suzanne Designs: 3 Roomers!

    Behind the green door where so many gathered to enjoy family, love, and the stories of yesterday.

    I would say to my Vernetta  & Ma Sims.  "The days have passed but my memories are lasting and I thank you."  


    I now have Ma Sims’ chair!


    With a little touch of Christmas in it, to get you in the mood to start


    thinking about what you are doing for your decorating needs.  Be sure to visit the  P & S Stable Boutique for the new Christmas Cards as well as greeting cards.


    Maybe you have a design question you would like an answer to.  Just email  and let us know your questions concerning your projects or whatever you need answered.  Let us know things you might like to discuss.  You might have a story to share about your projecta that will help people or just make us laugh. Write and tell us all about it.   Remember to always have a little green in every room even a plant will work.  It brings richness to the other colors whatever they might be.  


    Will be sharing some future projects as they progress.


    Remember our Wounded Warriors Please!


    May God Bless you and have the BEST day!





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John Thomas Berry is one of Kentucky’s most notable equine artists. His work has received awards from such prestigious organizations as the American Academy of Equine Art and the Hudson Valley Art Association at Salmagundi in New York City. Mr. Berry’s art hangs in private and corporate collections throughout the US, Ireland, England, France, and Spain.

Get in touch:

(859) 621-1216

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