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I have not written anything for sometime "@ 3 Roomers" but thought it necessary to address this particular subject. So I ask you, "What do you do when you receive an invitation and it has RSVP?  Do you ignore it? Do you know what it means,? Do you think it only pertains to someone else? If you do not know do you try to find out the meaning? I certainly am not criticizing the ones that do not know but definitely I criticize those not finding out what it means. I am criticizing the people that completely ignore the RSVP. I am sure there is someone you can ask and yes, most of us have computers or smart phones and could google to get the meaning. It is so important to the host/hostess that is inviting you to an event whether it be a wedding, party, or another event. The host/hostess doing the inviting is responsible for having the right amount of food, drink, seating, tables, favors, and anything else that is being bought or rented for the occasion. It is definitely your responsibility to respond to this invitation. So I say shame on you for not being a responsible person. I recently attended a wedding and the bride told me that out of 150 invitations that were sent only 50 RSVP’d. How sad, that is more than half that did not know, bother or care. I hope you know what "SAD" means because that is how I describe this situation.

It is true that the letters RSVP are from a French phrase "respondez, s’il vous plait," which means "please reply" or if my French is correct I think the true translation is respond if you please. So by doing the reply you are helping the host/hostess with many different things that it takes to have the event. I know that some people of today do not think it important to use manners because they are, to some, "a thing of the past." Having taught etiquette of course I think not. What I have found in teaching students in elementary, high school, or alternative schools is, the students are so eager to learn these manners and way of life. I think it is because it commands respect for each other and they see that each of them are gaining from these manners. A lot of us as adults of yesterday have given up on teaching these rules of etiquette and they are being lost. I blame the loss of etiquette and manners as being part of the downfall of society. We already see that people do not respect the country, the flag and each other. So let us take a look at what we need to know and make an effort to teach the young because they are just waiting to hear from us even when they complain they still like you taking time to care.

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