About Suzanne

This story of how I began design might bridge the distance between us and give you a more personal view of me. Design always needs imagination and imagination is always unlimited in a child’s mind. Growing up in the horse business and spending many hours daily with the show horses, ponies, dogs, cats, and a goat was time that I dearly loved. I spent many hours at the barn grooming, watching the training, and dressing up the goat. Moving away from being the goat’s tailor, my siblings and I started decorating the stalls and tack room. We would gather cheese cloth from the decorated stalls at the horse shows. It was discarded when the show was over and our’s for the taking. Each stable decorated with colors of either green, yellow, black, red, white, blue or a combination of these. The fun started when we tried to make window treatments and chair covers for the tack room all of which were so greatly appreciated by our father (I chuckle, actually I laugh aloud) regardless of how pretty we thought they were, ugly does not qualify as good design! Next I sat for hours trying to draw, what I thought at the time were blueprints and creating the most magnificent barns imaginable. These drawings were magnificent in the imagination of my young mind. How much fun would it be to have them framed and hanging in my office! I recall one drawing with columns and anything that could possibly make it elegant. Mind you we are talking about “a barn?” Crazy for that era, but design was taking hold. Upon becoming a designer, I never in my wildest dreams thought I would have the opportunity to actually decorate a horse stall turning it into a dining room. That time did arrive for me when I participated in Freedom Fest, a fundraiser for Woodford Humane Society, Versailles, Ky., on chosen Thoroughbred horse farm. A childhood fantasy comes true … but isn’t design all about making dreams come true?

So it goes to say imagination/design all to be created explicitly for you, the client. I strive for designs which never go out of style while always keeping your wishes in mind. My intention is to elevate and compliment the way you live in your home.

Suzanne D Grable