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When I make my clients happy then I am happy as well. I know there are people that would love to have a room in their house completely redone. Maybe you feel that you cannot afford it. But how uncomfortable does that room make you feel. If it is a room that you try to relax in then you probably are not getting much rest. If choosing colors is something you need help with then call a designer. Get that help, change that room and your life. Maybe you need help choosing a piece of furniture, hire a designer for the day or a couple of hours to go shopping with you. There are many ways a designer can help you in your home so call and find out exactly what we will do for you. I say get that inspiration, move forward on design. In doing so I know you will get that needed rest and a design you like. It is always such a pleasure to help change a client’s life for what they think is better. It is not only the designer that makes it better but the clients have the important part of relating what they want to achieve in the newly designed space. Of course this is if you want to be a part of the design process. There are those that want the designer to do it their way. I love working with people and it has brought me some of my best and long time friends. So on that note, I say please know it is important to be able to work well and feel comfortable with the designer.


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