Redecorating this Season

With A Turn of the Chair


To make the office appear larger and use all available space the closet was opened, shelves and desk added. This allowed for the doctor to view slides on his microscope and turn his chair around to use the desk. Under the desk in the work space now had room to place the refrigerator. All activity could take place with only a turn of the chair.


To improve on the looks and to give a little island flare plantation shutters were attached on each side of the window. Because the window was high and short a pair of shutters below were attached to give the effect that the window was larger.


Trompe l"oeil was used on the walls for lack of space to set a plant. This gives that necessary green I think is needed and somewhat 3 dimensional.


Sometimes we make color choices without our knowing why and that goes for me as well. Entering a room we take in more than we know. Accessories for instance setting on a table can be something that we see without really looking directly at it. A color in that object can end up being the color we put on the wall. When you think about it, you chose it, or maybe someone that knew you like that color chose it. But the object that does not take center stage can still be the award winning color chosen for the walls and other decorating in your house. Below you see these four objects and the color of the walls (is a yellow green) which matches colors int all of these objects. However, none of these things were really used in choosing Benjamin Moore – Beacon Hill Damask. It just adds so much to a room when this happens and it makes 


us all happy because it has an effect on our whole mood. Do not be "The Beige Person." Explore the world of color let it happen or just hire a designer to help you choose your colors. That is the easiest way to spruce up the look. Benjamin Moore is the only paint I use.

Miscellaneous Highlighting great moments:

Vern Yip (Designer of HGTV) and me.


If you are looking at your house and thinking and wishing that you could redo your living room, bedroom, bathroom or the deck furniture. Maybe you just want to change the color of the walls, or arrange the furniture differently and you feel lost about where to start. Could you hire a designer, would it be too expensive, what kind of help can they give on a budget and where do you start? Designers can help you with many things and in many ways and you can hire one for the day or a couple of hours whatever the project helping choose a rug, sofa, or a table. If you are doing a bathroom project and you need advice but the project does not require anymore than choosing the right fixtures and you are not sure what looks best. Call a designer and get the needed help. I think you will find that a designer can sometimes help you save money by not making the mistake of choosing something you later decide that you do not like and then you spend money to change again. In that way it is cost effective and you will feel better about your decision. If you are in a house or condo that you plan on staying in for a long time then feel free to use the colors you like and forget being that BLAH, vanilla or beige person. Well, of course unless you are an exciting Vanilla or Beige Person then show it off with a big splash of colorful accents. Some people have a talent of going from one room to another with different colors but you really have to know what you are doing to pull that off. For instance I would not put green, pink, yellow and purple in the same house. It looks like sprinkles and sprinkles look best on cupcakes or ice-cream. If you are in need of a post to lean on call a designer for help with the colors. All designers including myself are glad to help with this kind of design job. The designer’s fee will be worth keeping you from agonizing over your choices. Designer will provide you with pros and cons and maybe point out things you had not thought about.

If you are going to redo the fabric for your outdoor furniture or buy new outdoor furniture be sure that you know that is resist mold and mildew. In other words make sure it is indoor/ outdoor fabrics. There are many different brands now besides Sunbrella but they all provide basically the same wonderful features of no fading, molding, or mildewing. Now the manufactures have given us fabrics that look as if they should be inside our formal living rooms. Guess what they can be and then when the sun shines in the windows it will not fade the fabric on your sofa. Even when you have the window films they still do not protect the furniture fabrics, the woods and whatever you have in your house from the sun completely. Sun does so much damage and you need to keep this in mind when you are choosing your fabrics for drapes and furniture if they are in the sun’s view. 

 Special pricing for 6 plus yards check out my website, for purchasing this fabric that is a Schumacher indoor/outdoor fabric.


custom drapes>

So if you think you want to make a change in your interiors call for any of these services:

Complete Interior Design Service
Schematic Phase to the end of project
Choosing colors
Custom Draperies
Designing Furniture
Decorating your tables luncheon, parties
(Derby will be here before you know it)
Wallpapering & wallpaper removal
Overseeing Contractors so you do not have to
Table Design/Parties

I am sure I have left something out but ask and we will make it happen. Just remember that no job is too small. When you need help in making what may seem like a big decision to you. Happy decorating and a great SPRING!

Suzanne Suzanne Designs

It is spring and time to swing…. that is into change REDECORATE!


That is all folks from the Great GSP Headquarters. Do not forget to call my mom for help with your decorating.

Woof, woof,


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