Christmas Decorating

Exquisite is all one can say.

My opinion only but I still think it is worthy of writing about this subject of what constitutes good design in Christmas decorating. Of course if I design it then I must think it is good. Ha! When someone hires me to decorate their house I feel it is my place to give them the best design I can possibly create with what they have. I feel that it is never necessary to remove the accessories you already have occupying spaces in your rooms. It is my place to incorporate them in and to enhance Christmas design with them. One would not want to take classic leather bound books off of the library shelves to put knickknacks. It takes away from the warmth and the beauty of your home. Also, I would not remove the pillows that match the sofas and chairs to put Christmas pillows that are usually a more frivolous look. I am not trying to insult anyone but if you already have a room put together before your Christmas decorating then we only want to enhance what you have. Whether you do it yourself or hire a designer it will always look the best using these guidelines. MERRY CHRISTMAS

Transparent laced ribbon with silver over taupe and glittery silver.

You need not add more to such elegance.


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