Knowing How To Dress

What Happened To Knowing How To Dress

Obviously clothing designers no longer follow the figure of the female body to create flattering clothes. In the past we had a waistband on skirts and pants which accentuated the waist, but no longer. We have the low rise pants and skirts without a band. The figure now looks more like a triangle when wearing this style. I cannot figure how it looks better even if you are thin. Call me old fashion, even if a little fluffy a girl looks better not wearing the low rise pants and skirts. Pants that accentuate the waist are so much nicer. The blouse when worn inside shows absolutely no curves of a female body. We use to want to show our figures and compared it to an hour glass. Now what we see is a triangle with over spill what is known as the, "muffin top." Even those thin wear them so tight that it is not a well dressed look. 
What? Black fingernail polish? ….looks like you mashed all 10 fingers or dressed for a Halloween party! Bare legs in the winter and formal events would have been unheard of twenty years ago. I do not know if the young girls started this because they thought it looked good or that they could not afford hosiery or the last pair they had was full of runs????? Believe me hosiery gives shape, outline the leg and covers blemishes. Pretty legs or not, dressing for formal affairs and especially in the winter without hosiery is an unfinished look. For me to be kind on this subject of bare legs, I would say it is tiring on the eyes. The latest in shoes is now to look like you are in bondage! Styles have always changed but the last ten years it has been for the worst. If only we were made to read the etiquette books of the past so we would know what to do, when to do and how to do. All of this includes decorating the house, how to dress, how to act and treat others, the when and where, the how and why. As Aretha says in her song, "Respect" of which most people know not and have not. People make fun of the South but those that have held on to the old ways are gracious, beautiful, and mannerly people. We can all learn and look better using some of those ways. When one dresses one’s self they should enhance and flatter their body and looks. A good rule to follow is dress in what looks best on you and stay away from the trendy. Classic clothing will last forever until it wears out.

Suzanne’s @3 ROOMERS

1. Always eliminate the negative.

2. When trying to achieve harmony remember you want to accentuate the positive. Same goes for dressing ourselves.

3. Negative things should be removed or camouflaged.


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