My Adventure

My Adventure

This month finds me a year older in fact my birthday is today December 13 and I do not mind at all telling you how old I am. As I told my dad once when I wished him a happy birthday he replied, "What is happy about being older?" I said, you should be glad that you got this far. So turning 69 today and looking in the mirror, I am trying to find that happiness that I told him he should have, somewhat difficult as I must admit. One of the most precious things that was ever said to me was by my granddaughter. I had taught her how to play the game of out staring one another, which she instantly became very good at playing. One day she said let’s play the eye game. She came close to me and put her finger on my cheek and said, "Suzanne you have a crack in your face." I said, "Lucy, that would be a wrinkle." She said, "That leads to a smile." Now, I ask you is that precious or not? It took away all the bad that was in what she said about a crack in my face. I must look at the wrinkles as part of being wise now. Right? I did not do anything exciting today but I plan to soon do a parachute jump from a plane…maybe!

I have always been afraid of heights. Last year I decided for one of my son’s birthday that we would go zip lining. I have to admit that leading up to the days, I was very nervous about it but bound to do it because I had said that I would. The trial run was a bit scary because one of the women ahead of me fell backwards and lost her grip on the line. She was immediately told that it would not be a good thing for her and stayed behind. I however did good on the trial run and it was not far off the ground. Not knowing anything about zip lining, I was surprised when they said it would take two hours with each one getting higher off the ground. Sometimes I would look down and sometimes I thought it best not to look. But along with my husband and oldest son I made it through all of them and had fun doing it. My fear is not so great now and this is why I think I could do a parachute jump. I want to continue in the future to do things that I have never done.

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