Pop Some Color in Your House with these Latest Color Trends

While this year is almost close to a finish, it has given us some of the most innovative and interesting design trends which were not seen for a long time. Color is certainly one of the most eye-opening trends followed this year. From warmer tones to accent hues and neutrals, a number of color trends have been a part of this year’s home designing and these are expected to continue for the coming year. Here are some of the latest color trends for your house which will make it stand out from the others.


Neutral Palettes

The neutrals in 2017 have become much warmer and it is expected that the same trend will continue in the coming year. From browns to beiges and creams, the warm neutrals are going to be spotted everywhere in the coming year, as is the case in the present year.


Tropical Greens

The color of the present year when it comes to home interior and décor, it definitely has to be green. Pantone is the shade of green which is most commonly found this year in houses. The tropical versions of green have become the favorite for this year. From statement green furniture to palm tree patterns, green is the go-to choice for the people who want to keep it minimalistic yet trendy as it is the color choice for the year 2017-18.


Color Clashing

The year has seen two extremes when it comes to colors. Either they are warm neutral tones or it is all bold and bright, no in between. The clash of colors, textures and patterns has been a top color trend for this year. Playing with bold and bright colors is no more a problem. The bolder it is the better. If you want to make a statement the coming year with a brand-new color of the house, go play with all things bright, textured and patterned and you will be good.


Ditch Those Blacks

While black matte was a common and much liked color in 2016, people seem to have seem too much of it. Time to ditch those blacks and the trend is changing. From kitchen appliances to paint and furniture, don’t get too much of black in the house, rather go with warm neutral tones or go all out with bright and bold colors.


Paint it Blue to Save Money

While you can try playing with other colors, if you are looking for a cost-effective painting solution, blue is the thing. And, the houses painted blue are sold for more than the others. That makes it a great color to add, not only to your house, but also to the pocket.


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