Do you hide your china and silver

Do you have your china, silver, and the best of everything all packed and tucked away? That is so very nice to hide it so not one will ever see it and you do not see it either. So I say, "Why do you have it or keep it if you do not use it?" I learned from my grandmothers and great aunt to use it every single day. The reasons are not just because you have it or you should show it off but it makes you feel good to use it and see it. Any and all that dine at the table will enjoy as well. Make everyday feel special as we need to slow down to relish life and all good things. It does not always have to be china, silver or even something inexpensive but precious, old or a gift. Mason jars can be a lovely vessel for flowers and three in a row make a wonderful table arrangement as do pretty bottles. A table cloth and cloth napkins makes for a special time. People use to have nothing but cloth napkins and now everyone is so use to paper. Cloth napkins add that special touch. Use old linens that were past down from you mom or grandmother. If none were past down then buy them at an antique store or on line to get that special touch. Now you can add that special bit of love to your table, bathroom vanity, or wherever. It will give you feeling that they are with you in spirit and bring some great memories of cherished days gone by.

One of my very best friends of days gone by was Mary Jean Brannon who past away from breast cancer. We had so much in common and we loved to be sharing our thoughts and time together. One sweet thing we shared was "sweet things" and our delivery of how we would partake of these delights. We would make a time to celebrate at the spur of the moment with coffee or tea and then add that special little sweet delicacy even if it was not homemade. We would get the china, table cloth and maybe set it at a table in the living room wherever it made us feel good. Mary’s breast cancer came back after many years. Her friends planned a good bye party for her at her house with the best food from all of us. We hired a harpist to play music. We talked, laugh and told stories that made it a most memorable and precious time that we will never forget. Today on the car in front of me the plate read, "A Harpist," and immediately Mary’s day came to mind. It was a sad day but a most happy day. It was my tea time with Mary that started my tea parties with my grandchildren. What a delight that has been. Make your days special and thank God for every minute. 

So I say to you, do not put everything away to be left to your children or grandchildren. Young people today do not always want what is special to us. But if they see us use it and see how we treat it, then maybe they will want to inherit our treasures and that will make many to come in the future happy and then their memories are created. Things on earth are superficial but when they belong to our loved ones it leads us to think of good things, loved ones and love leads us to God.



  1.  A silver tray, as stated above, dresses up any space. Use it to hold a collection of articles.
  2. A decorative flower pot, silver or brass container to hold several rolls of toilette tissue so it is at your guest’s fingertips.
  3. A framed mirror is a fabulous addition over an unframed mirror glued to the wall. If it is a large mirror over two basins add two of the same kind of mirrors. Leave a border of the mirror attached to the wall around the framed mirrors. This takes the bathroom to another level. 
  4. A small chandelier is a great addition.
  5.  A lovely smelling room refresher and a bottle of perfume sitting on the silver tray.
  6.  The disposable monogrammed guest towels are a great addition if you do not have the finger linen towels.
  7. A basket of goodies in all the bathrooms for guest or if you find yourself short on something look in the basket. Items for the basket are small/sample size tooth paste, deodorant, extra tooth brushes, razors, all of the necessary items that you or a guest might need.
  8. If you have need for a plunger in the bathroom and no where to hide it then dress it up by spraying the handle gold and put a matching tassel at the handle top.


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