The HGTV Effect – Are They Setting Unrealistic Home Staging Examples?

The effects of HGTV are real. The Model Home Mentality set by HGTV may be a good idea for bringing this industry into limelight, but are these transformations real? Are they applicable and doable in the real life?

While we all love watching these home staging shows, it is important to understand that it is the professionals who do this job the best. You will not be able to handle all the staging on your own. Let’s dig into the HGTV effect on our daily lives.

It is Somewhat Unrealistic

When it comes to HGTV, they have an unlimited budget and a team of trained professionals and they try to convince the general public that they will be able to stage their homes themselves if they watch their shows. It is not true and in many cases not possible. This is not something that anybody and everybody can do. This area needs expertise and you need professionals to do the job just as there are trained professionals in these shows.

The Products They Use do not Cost them a Penny

When it comes to the furniture, curtains, carpets, rugs on any other such item, they get it for almost nothing because of the free advertising they are giving these shops. And then they send a team of professionals to auctions and flea markets to find the perfect things for the home. This is not possible in real life because not all of us have the time and money to indulge in it.

They Have Professionals for Everything

When we say everything, we literally mean everything. They tell you that the fixes are inexpensive and simple, but they have a team of professional carpenters, contractors, craftsmen, lighting technicians and landscapers at their disposal. For an average homeowner, these are unrealistic projects. Not everyone is a master in everything mentioned above and also not everyone has the money it takes to hire all these professionals to these tasks for them.

They Don’t Factor in the Labor Cost

When it comes to home staging, you need to pay a lot of people a lot of money. If the HGTV people tell you they staged the house under $2000, they are not considering the labor cost that you have to pay to the clean-up crew, the painters, the contractors and the paid staff. Thus, these transformations in the budget they claim are pretty unrealistic.

It is important to keep in mind that these staging shows can be used to generate ideas and work them around your way, but simply watching these shows does not make you qualified enough to do the job professionals can do. Thus, get help of professionals. Discuss with them your budget when it comes to home staging and work your way accordingly.

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