Stay Current with these Carpet Trends

When it comes to updating your floors, you need to pay as much attention to them as any other part of the house. You need to stay current and not make an outdated choice. When it comes to the latest carpet trends, it is nothing like anything we have seen before. From hard surfaces to soft flooring, things have changed tremendously.

If you are planning to change your carpet to give your place a new look, here are some of the current trends you can choose from and keep your flooring game strong.


Cut & Loop Carpet is Back in Fashion

You may have seen these carpets in movies from the 70’s. A cut and loop carpet is the one that has an amalgamation of both cuts and loops. These carpets offer plenty of texture and pattern options and the trend is pretty hot right now. Just as history repeats itself, trends tend to run the same way. Consider this trend is you are revamping your carpeting.


Bold Colors are Making a Comeback

If you want to use carpets to make a statement of your exquisite taste, go for bold colors. Carpets usually don’t make the whole flooring these days, thus you have plenty of options to play around with bold colors. From oranges to purples and reds, you can choose any color, just make sure it complements the rest of the interior.


Neutral Colors Are Always in Fashion

When it comes to carpets, neutral colors never go out of fashion. Carpets in neutral colors match the tone and colors of hard flooring. They are also preferred because they give a blank canvas that you can use to decorate the entire interior of the place. You can give emphasis to other things and make them statement pieces while using the neutral color carpets as a background.


Soft Carpets Are the Best

The softness of carpets is what has been its USP for ages. Carpets should be soft and plush and it was a sad time when people stopped using these carpets. This ultra-softness of carpets is what makes them different from hard floors. Soft carpets are the most comfortable and coziest option when it comes to carpets and they are in trend again.


Ribbed Carpets are Going Out

We saw a lot of ribbed carpets in homes and businesses in the past few years but the trend is slowly giving away. Ribbed carpets have a very formal look and they will continue being a part of the offices but when it comes to homes, they will slowly lose their presence because of the business type look and feel they have.


These were some of the latest carpet design, color and texture trends that are in these days. If you are planning to revamp the carpeting in your place, keep these trends in mind to stay current and up-to-date.


29/12/2020 by queenue

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