This Could Be Good-Bye BARBIE


I hold onto things which are very difficult for me to throw away or sell. I suppose many of you are the same way. Especially if it was given to me by a family member. It does not matter that I will never use it or that it is in a drawer and cannot be seen on a daily basis. I think I find it a warm and loving feeling. Also, when I see the objects that are from loved ones no longer with me, it is like a visit with them and it is a warm feeling. So it brings me to talk about my Barbie doll. Yes, I still have my Barbie. She would have been in perfect condition but someone let my dear niece play with her so she has lost some of her clothes and her right hand is missing the end of her thumb and forefinger. She is worst than Cinderella because she has lost both shoes. The box, bathing suit, and stand are gone. My parents gave her to me for Christmas and both my sisters got them as well. The neighborhood girls received them and we all would play with them. Bobby Rydell was a popular singer then and we would set up apartments layouts with objects to divide rooms. I remember we had a 45 record of Rydell and the cover was his picture and we used that as wallpaper in one of the make-believe rooms. I suppose you say that my designs skills were starting to bloom. One of the neighbor girls also had a Ken so we would pretend to have a date with him. I hope someone will read and remember those days with my sisters and myself. I had saved it for possibly a granddaughter but had none so at 72 think maybe I need to sell it. If someone is interested let me hear from you. I can send more pictures if needed. On the back of Barbie is:

36 Pate Pend



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