I am really out of the box this time around but going to talk about the outside of the house.  What we see from the windows, what we hear,  what we imagine is going on when we are not looking.  All of these things play a part in our house and home.  When my mom was ill and not too long before she left this world, I started asking her to tell me things about when she was young. She lived in the country and she would visit her grandmothers who lived in town.  So the interiors of the two houses were so completely different due to many things and reasons.  Running water was not in most country homes at that time. Heating the houses were usually with coal or wood in a stove or fireplace. When visiting in town in an apartment building she was going to steam radiators heated the house.  "Very warm and cozy," she said.  Actually she had both maternal and paternal grandmothers living in the same apartment building on different floors and she would go back and forth as they took turns spoiling her. She said she was their favorite  of the five grandchildren.  I think both grandmothers would try to out do the other from what she told me.  One would think she needed a red dress and the other a blue to match her eyes. Whatever the case might be, she was coming out on top with two of everything.   If you read my first blog you know that I spoke of one of these great grandmothers, Ma Sims.  Ma Sims and her sister would take my mom shopping in Lexington and that was the largest town close by to Harrodsburg, Kentucky.  That was an extra special treat I think for those days, to be able to visit the department stores full of beautiful clothes and everything you could possibly want.
    But back to what she did while visiting the grandmothers and great aunt.  She played with the neighbor children, one of whom was Junior.  I told you she loved the warmth that was felt all over the homes, and at her home it was only in front of the fireplace to really get warm.  She loved to hear the ice wagon coming to deliver ice for the ice box.  Yes, how we might not realize that it was not really that long ago that we had to use an ice box for our food.  I say not that long ago but it was before I was born and my sons would say that is long ago or they would say that was, "Back in the day!"  So I guess it was  sometime  ago.  She heard the horses hooves hitting the pavement getting closer and closer as it would wake her in the mornings.  She heard all of the hustle and bustle of the small town starting a new day. On Sunday the church bells ringing and the church they attended was right across the street.  Then of course the milk man delivering milk. As she sat and told me, I could feel from her voice, tell from the smile on her face, and see in her eyes how much she had loved those times not just what was inside but what was outside. Reminiscing sometimes brings to mind the love of those that are no longer with us and the thoughts are refreshing for us to recall. What a good feeling, when we share the past.  I was picturing all of these things she was telling me. It occurred to me that what is outside is inside because we can never remove from our mind that which we have already taken in.  So we are always aware of the outside even when inside.   And I think when we leave, the inside goes with us outside.  Now my mother could not control the outside but she did not want to, because it was what she loved. If we can in anyway control our outside to be what we like then I feel it makes the home and us  inside better.  A little feng shui?  I miss my mom!  I tried to take everything from her that I could  and remember it when I want to feel close to her or when I am lonesome and just want to think about her.  She loved the  Lord, city lights, dancing, talking politics, and she believed in laughing, just because.  
    If you have control of your outside, put something beautiful there,  that you will see through the window.   When you go outside take some of the inside beauty with you to share with others.

  Write to me and tell me about what is "outside is inside," in your design life.  Ask questions concerning your design query and I will try to answer them.  Have the best day.  



Keep what you have!  send me a picture and I will tell you how. After sanding, painting and a little gold leaf. It made a big difference.




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