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         Welcome to my first blog and I hope in the future you will find it to be educational, interesting and just fun.  I am introducing my on line business "Design In A Box & Tea With Me," which is for those that just need a helping hand or someone to lean on for advice concerning their interior design projects.  We do the leg work and research that fits your needs, style, and desires.  Then gather all of the samples, pictures, floor plan, put it a box along with a cup, some special tea and ship to you, the client.  Then we have our tea party over a scheduled phone call to get to  know you better and learn your desires for the design project. We hope for those of you that feel you need a helping hand with design that this will fulfill your needs.  Go to my website and fill out the questionnaire and choose the room you want to design.  Follow all of the instructions and soon you will get your "Design In A Box & Tea With Me."  If you prefer to call: 859-621-1216. The website also has some lovely greeting and note cards and soon to have art by John Berry and antiques from The Eagle’s Nest.  So please visit soon Suzanne Designs.of 

Time for the beauty of Christmas


Here we are almost that special time of year again.  We all say the same line every year, that is, we do not know how the time went by so fast!  For those of you out there that do not like decorating for Christmas or anytime of the year, Suzanne Designs is your friend in deed.  We design it, put it up, take it down and put it away.  You ENJOY IT and that is all you do.  Maybe you just want a door, mail box or the tree, no job too small.  We decorate the table for dinners, wrap presents and tie it all up in a bow.  Call us and we will schedule a decorating time and the sooner the better.  Sometimes we might need to order something special for you and that takes time so scheduling quickly is important. Christmas decorating for: residential, commercial and farms in Lexington, Louisville and surrounding areas only.  Also making custom wreaths and we ship them to you so you can have a bit of the Southern Christmas Charm from Suzanne Designs.  We want to make Christmas easy for you so call:   859-621-1216.  

It is Christmas Eve and all through the house not a creature is decorating because Suzanne Designs already has. This definitely says Merry Christmas, don’t you think?


Let us make your house say Merry Christmas!


My Love of Design Came  From Where?


(Magnolia blossoms were always on their mantle. )


 Today while talking to my son about battery jars, it occurred to me exactly where my love for design really started.  That time really goes back to my Great Great Aunt Vernetta and my Great Grandmother, Ma Sims, had a battery jar that I feel fortunate to have inherited. It was one of those things that caught my eye when I was very young. Actually before the battery jar was the three corner press that was in the living room and the fact that they let my siblings and I play with fragile items in the press at a very young age. I think that introduction to antiques was a teaching moment for them and a learning experience at a very young age for us. The fact that they did not seem to mind us playing with them is the reason that I have that memory.  I am not sure that I have been that kind of mother, aunt or grandmother probably more strict.  Back to the battery jar, it had blue and green glass balls, very small green balls and a vine that grew in it.  It set in the dry sink which was a piece of furniture that also interested me.  Vernetta owned an antique shop and I loved to go there and look at all of the things she had. I remember in my teens that I got a wrought iron chandelier for my future house  and still have it.  She designed hats and I remember my mom showing me one that she had by Vernetta. Going to their house was like going to a museum full of beautiful pieces that had been passed down from generations before.   I can not remember exactly how I ended up with the battery jar and glass balls but I do  have it and it holds a special place in my heart because I think of them.  Vernetta was always ahead of her time in a lot of ways and I admire
d that.  Over the years she had collected a lot of things that went into the house that she built in the latter part of her life.  It had so much character, style and I loved it.  Ma Sims and Vernetta had two wing back chairs that set side by side in the living room where they would retire everyday.  Ma Sims’ daughter in law, my maternal grandmother, Mamma Dee lived upstairs in the house and she too had a lot of style whether it be how to dress or in decorating the house.  So talking about the battery jar today takes me back  to some of the earliest times that I can remember and that is even before I started decorating in the barn.  That story is on my about me page on my website.  So now you have been introduced to Suzanne Designs: 3 Roomers!

Behind the green door where so many gathered to enjoy family, love, and the stories of yesterday.

I would say to my Vernetta  & Ma Sims.  "The days have passed but my memories are lasting and I thank you."  


I now have Ma Sims’ chair!


With a little touch of Christmas in it, to get you in the mood to start


thinking about what you are doing for your decorating needs.  Be sure to visit the  P & S Stable Boutique for the new Christmas Cards as well as greeting cards.


Maybe you have a design question you would like an answer to.  Just email  and let us know your questions concerning your projects or whatever you need answered.  Let us know things you might like to discuss.  You might have a story to share about your projecta that will help people or just make us laugh. Write and tell us all about it.   Remember to always have a little green in every room even a plant will work.  It brings richness to the other colors whatever they might be.  


Will be sharing some future projects as they progress.


Remember our Wounded Warriors Please!


May God Bless you and have the BEST day!





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