October Decorating

Decorating over the years for my own house as well as for those on going clients that have stayed true blue to me is a process likened to a face with character, if you will a face of years.
It is a gathering of ideas that you or your designer like. Things that are candy to the eye. Objects from those you love. Cherished gifts and even those we do not particularly care for add to our design scheme.The colors we choose play a part in how we feel and act. So it is important to like the colors that surround us on a regular basis. Over the years a house designed is like a face of time with some wrinkles and some twinkles. A house that makes you smile is a house that is designed with you in mind. What better place to be on any day with family, friends or in my case the world’s greatest GSP, “My Hunter!” Hopefully our nest brings to us comfort, warmth and to our friends a grand welcome.

Pumpkin Challenge

Hey guys and gals, Hunter here. This ugly spooky pumpkin is back and needs a name. The winner will receive a Christmas wreath. Fill this form out:


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