Almost Spring


It is getting close to one of my favorite seasons. The seasons all have their charms but spring has so much more to offer. A rebirth of so many things as you see them popping through the earth. The new green that is so brilliant and you know only He could make that color. I have always said that God’s favorite colors have to be green and blue. Green happens to be my favorite color and I have been accused of trying to put it everywhere. I do think that every room should have a little green if only a plant. Green helps to give the richness to all of the other colors. Green helps to cool the warm colors. Then there is black and it is just a piece of elegance like the “little black dress.” It only has to be a lampshade, pillow or a black book laying on an end table. I know that I have mentioned the green and black thing before but I think that it a good design rule to follow. So if spring cleaning or redecorating is on your mind remember this little tip.

I am sure that all of you have asked a friend for advice about something you wanted to do in your house. Sometimes we just need what I call a leaning post. I offer to answer any and all design questions that you might want answered send to If you have pictures send them along as well. You must hurry because this offer is only good until March 10th. Lean on me, a little gift from me to you. Good decorating and have the best day. 


My mom wanted me to write a few words so here it goes. My name is Hunter and I AM THE MOST INTERESTING GSP IN THE WORLD! You probably thought it was C. J. just because he won at Westminster Dog Show. Really? Do you see what I am wearing? I am sporting my new red turtleneck cable knit sweater. I also have new red boots to wear outside so that I do not get mom’s floors dirty when I come back in. She loves dressing me and you know I am rather handsome in it don’t you think? I am a GSP that knows how to read his GPS. Since my mom is going to answer design questions all of you little Belles out there send me your questions. Good day.

Woof, woof,

Hunter (The Most Interesting GSP in the World)

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